Transform your venue from ordinary to extraordinary with our custom design lighting decor. Tell us what you want and our dedicated team of experienced lighting professionals will custom design a light show and environment that will enrich your event and create the "wow" effect you are looking for. 

Do you want to create an atmosphere of soft romance for your wedding? Or maybe you want to add some pizzazz to your rock star themed graduation party? Perhaps you want to elegantly display your company colors and logo for a brand-building event? With our wide variety of lighting fixtures, controlled systems, and modern LED technology, we will transform your venue and create the event of your dreams.


Packages (1).jpg

Moving Heads on Light-Up Totems

Lighting Trees

Light-up DJ Booth

Fog Machine

Live Lighting Show

On-site Lighting Operator

Packages (28).jpg

Full Room Lighting

Battery Operated Uplights

Uplight Covers (clean look)

Choice of any Color Mix

Remote Controlled

Packages (35).jpg

Battery Operated Pinspots

Choice of any Color Mix (RGBAW-UV)

Pipe and Base with Cover
(white or black)

Remote Controlled

Sand Bags

Packages (34).jpg

Custom Designed Monogram

Continuous Monogram Projection

Choice of Monogram Color

Pipe and Base with Cover
(white or black)

Sand Bags


32” Cocktail Tables

White Scrim

Battery Operated LED Lights

Remote Controlled

Choice of any Color Mix


Choice of Pattern Design

Choice of Pattern Color

Choice of Glass or Metal Gobo

Pipe and Base with Cover
(white or black)

Sand Bags





+ How do I know what kind of lights I need?

We have skilled event specialists that will help you choose the right lighting to create the effect you are looking for and will match the type of your event and venue. We can also meet with you or your event planner at your venue for a walkthrough. After the walkthrough, we will design a floor plan showing the placement of all the lights in the room.

+ Do you offer dance floor lighting?

Yes, we offer state-of-the-art dance floor lighting. Our color-changing monograms floating around the room, special effect lights, and fog machines will transform any event into a night club. Our on-site lighting technician will custom set up a lighting show to match the vibe of your event.

+ Do you offer custom Monograms?

Yes, we do! This service includes a monogram design (color, font, and art). The monogram can be projected behind the sweetheart table, on the dancefloor or at the entrance to the venue. We will make sure your monogram is presented for all to see.

+ Do you have an option to decorate the ceiling?

There are many ways you can decorate a ceiling with lights. For example, one option is hanging Italian string lights, another option is projecting a galaxy of moving green stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud or pattern projection. Our event specialist will help you to select the best option for your event.

+ What are Uplights?

Simply put, they are fixtures that project light straight up. Uplights are a great way to light up walls, columns, greenery, drapery and many more. Our Uplights are powerful, battery-powered, LED lights that can project any color you desire. We can set them to constant light or use one of the fun modes such as color fade, color change, and sound-activated.

+ What is Pin-Spots

Pin-spots are strong lights with a focused beam. They are a great way to bring attention to exciting details of your event such as light up wedding cakes, buffet tables, flowers, centerpieces, and many more. Our pin-spots are very bright, battery powered (meaning no need for an electric outlet), and multi-colored. We can mount them on a pipe-and-base (which we will provide) or if available, use a beam at your venue.

+ What is a Lighting Tree

The lighting tree is a great and affordable way to light up your dance floor. The lighting tree includes 4 Led lights that are placed on a tall stand and spread out different colors on the dance floor while syncing to the sound bit of the music played by the DJ or live band.

+ What is Pattern Projection?

Pattern Projection is a creative and elegent way to decorate your event space. Choose from many designs, shape, colored patterns to project at your event space to wow your guest.